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About us

We are a small family business that wants to help others save money. As a new mum I know the pressures of trying to save money and making the most of those pennies. Life can be sometimes a real struggle when you are on a small income, benefits or depending on a partner or family member especially when you are making those everyday decisions: which shop is cheaper, will I get a discount or I wonder if they will take my voucher?  It might sound trivia but at the end of the day (literally) you potentially could have saved a tenner...!














My partner and I are originally from London and know the pressures of London prices and costs. We both moved to Margate where we were surprised at how cheap the cost of living was. Rent and house prices were a fraction of what you'd pay in London but over the last 3 years, we noticed a change, prices are rising and some parts of Thanet now meet the London spectrum. All of  sudden, Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate became a wanted area to live and Margate especially was on the map again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticising the fact people want to move here and start businesses. I think its great but it comes at a cost.

I wondered how we can help people keep their outgoings and daily purchases down. I am one of those annoying people at the tills rummaging in my bag for that £1 off coupon, holding up the line of people waiting behind me and yes I am guilty of having a thousand discount cards and vouchers in my handbag. So, how about minimising this to one card? I know of discount cards that have offers for restaurants and cafés and websites that have printable vouchers or promo codes that will get you 10% off your final bill or buy one main meal and get the second free. Wow we all love an offer don’t we…?


But why should this be categorised to one activity? I thought I would like to help people save more than once in a day or a week. Wouldn’t it be great if I could somehow make it possible for folk to save up to 10 times a day. So, I wrote down my daily routine. ‘Woke up… Blar blar blar… went to the chemist… blar blar… popped into the butchers…. blar blar blar….. bought dinner in local supermarket… took the baby to grandma’s house and went for a little treat in the beauty parlour to get my nails done…. went to local florist to buy my mum some flowers and returned to pick up the baby… went home!’  Okay, if I can save money in each of the shops I visited, even if it was 10%, I could have potentially saved myself £5.70….   Now, imagine saving that more than once a week or even daily. Now, I like that.

So, this is how The People’s Card came about….  We want to help you save money everyday, all day in your normal daily routine…. even if its popping to the barbers for a cut back and sides. I promise you, I mean it when I say “We share, we care…!”